Thanksgiving Football

Thanksgiving’s feast of football was great.


The New England Patriots came from behind to win at Lions with a great real and fantasy performance by future Hall of Fame Quarterback Tom Brady. The Patriots won, 45-24.

The Dallas Cowboys’ WR Roy E. Williams caught a bomb from back-up QB Jon Kitna, but fumbled at the New Orleans Saints 10 yard line. QB Drew Brees led the Saints 90 yards for a TD to take the lead by three. With less than a minute left in regulation, Cowboys Kicker David Buehler (pronounced BEE-ler) attempted a 59 yard FG to tie the game, but missed. Buehler had enough power but was wide left. The Cowboys could have also went for it on 4 & 10 to get a 1st down and make the kick easier. The Saints won, 30-27 in Dallas.

The New York Jets hosted the Cincinnati Bengals, and it was a reminisce of last year’s Week 17 matchup, despite Mark Sanchez’s not-so-great-but-okay game. WR/QB/Wildcat/KR/PR Brad Smith had two TD’s, one rushing and one returning. The Jets won, 26-10.

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