Best Play Today: 49ers’ Fake Field Goal

During their matchup at St. Louis, the 49ers pulled out a simple but well-executed fake Field Goal pass Touchdown.

Formation: Field Goal Single Split Weak

The Play: 49ers line up for normal FGA, K David Akers takes direct snap 10 yards diagonal strong from LS Brian Jennings, Akers steps weak, throws to WSE Michael Crabtree, Crabtree comes back, catches ball, runs to Touchdown.

What Happened: The Rams had nobody covering Crabtree. Crabtree was flat out isolated. All Akers had to do was throw a catchable ball in the zone of Crabtree, and he managed to do that. Once Crabtree caught the ball, there was nothing between him and the endzone.

The Aftermath: The 49ers went on to win 34-27 and clinch a First-Round Bye. The Rams had no idea what happened, and the momentum swung to the 49ers.

Terminology: FGA=Field Goal Attempt



WSE=Weak Split End

Watch The Play Here (footage by FOX, video courtesy

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