Spags, Morris, Polians Out

Like most other years, the first day of the offseason is always a day with many firings. Today was no exception.

Spagnuolo Out Of St. Louis

After a more-than disappointing season, the Rams fired their GM Billy Devaney and HC Steve Spagnuolo. After nearly making the playoffs in 2010, the Rams had their hopes set to make it to the dance. But injuries halted those hopes and have slid the Rams way down in the Power Rankings. The Rams need to revamp their team—both players, coaches, and front office—to move on and develop QB Sam Bradford.

Morris Gets The Pink Slip

The Buccaneers were down against Atlanta 42-0 at halftime yesterday. That defines quitting. The Bucs let their coach and fans down. HC Raheem Morris was fired today, and the Buccaneers have a lot of glaring holes. CB Ronde Barber is aging by the minute and Aqib Talib is having his issues off the field. They could use some quality support on defense, and they are in a solid spot in the draft (5th Pick Overall).

Both Polians Out In Indy

While HC Jim Caldwell is still with the Colts, but GM Chris Polian and Vice Chairman Bill Polian were fired today. There are three titanic questions that remain in Indianapolis: Will the Colts get rid of Caldwell, will they keep Peyton Manning, and will Andrew Luck and Manning coexist? If I were in position to take action on these questions, I would fire Caldwell, keep Peyton Manning and let him groom Luck into the next big thing.

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