Longsnapper United Post Four: Longsnapper Glory Witnessed

In Michigans’ 23-20 defeat over Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl, the Wolverines called a fake Field Goal. The holder ended up rolling right and lobbing a pass to the center of field. He could only hope for a miracle. VT’s defense tipped the ball, and by rule any offensive player, whether a linemen or not, can catch the football. Longsnapper Jareth Glanda caught the ball for a Michigan 1st Down.

Not often do we get Longsnapper Glory: They are on the field for Field Goals and Punts, so the chance to be put on the spotlight is scare. Glanda clearly made the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and is getting national recognition because of his play.

Glanda’s catch wasn’t a major play in the outcome, as the Wolverines had to settle for three points just seconds after. But in Longsnapper history, Glanda’s reception, glorified by the national media, will be remembered as a seemingly broken play turned into a First Down by a man named Jareth Glanda.

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