Best Play Today: Thomas’s 80-Yard Winner

Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos knocked off the Pittsburgh Steelers in an Overtime thriller, but the Overtime consisted of only two plays: A touchback Kickoff and an 80-yard Touchdown from Tebow to WR Demaryius Thomas.

Formation: Shotgun Double Tight Split Tail Weak

The Play: WR Eddie Royal motions in tight, QB Tim Tebow takes snap from OC JD Walton 4 1/2 yards deep, WR Demaryius Thomas slants, Tebow fake hands ball off to RB Willis McGahee, drops back, throws to Thomas, Thomas stiff-arms Steelers CB Ike Taylor, runs diagonal toward sideline, sprints straight downfield, scores Touchdown.

What Happened: Taylor was lined up on the outside of Thomas, and the Wideout recognized the coverage and slanted in and away from the DB. Taylor had no chance of catching up to Thomas once he caught the ball. Backup S Ryan Mundy fell behind Thomas and could not keep up either.

The Aftermath: Since that play went for six, that ended the game because it was in OT. The Broncos will be playing the Pats in Foxborough next Saturday.

Watch The Play Here (Footage by CBS, video courtesy

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