Fisher Hired As Head Coach For St. Louis

After it appeared that Jeff Fisher would coach the Dolphins next season, he chose the Rams after not being able to get a deal with Miami.

Fisher has loads of valuable experience (he coached the Titans from 1994-2010). The Rams’ roster has been very excited after they were informed that their team hired Fisher.

St. Louis Fullback Britt Miller to the Associated Press:

“I’m pumped.”

Miller’s two words represent the whole organization’s current mentality. It’s a new chapter with an exciting future headlined by QB Sam Bradford.

Bradford had an injury-riddled 2011 campaign, but in 2010 he and the Rams showed what they can do. Their 2010 season, when the nearly made the playoffs, could be viewed as a fluke, but that is false.

Fisher’s two priorities need to be run defense and offense. They have a solid defensive nucleus around LB James Laurinaitis, but they could use help at Defensive Line. On offense, they need to protect Bradford and give him a top tier target.

The Rams currently have the Number 2 pick in the draft, but in all likelihood they will trade that pick. Their main options are OT Matt Kalil from USC and WR Justin Blackmon from Oklahoma State.

Fisher’s presence has already got the Rams’ spoked for next season. It’s a rebuilding project that will certainly take a year or two, but they will be back in playoff contention soon.

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