Best Play Today: Hakeem’s Hail Mary

As time was about to expire at halftime of the Giants-Packers primetime matchup, Eli Manning launched a bomb, in hopes that any G-Men Wideout would haul it in. WR Hakeem Nicks snagged it for six.

Formation: Shotgun Trips Weak Single Strong

The Play: QB Eli Manning takes snap 5 1/3 yards away from OC David Baas, drops back, steps up, throws end zone deep left, WR Hakeem Nicks jumps up, catches ball, falls down, scores Touchdown.

What Happened: This was a beautiful Hail Mary drawn up by HC Tom Coughlin. The Giants had four receivers in the same vicinity. Nicks went up and over Packers CB Charles Woodson and loosely hung on to the ball as he was falling down to the ground.

The Aftermath: After the big play, the Giants found themselves up two scores and went on to win 37-20 against the reigning champs. New York has to travel across the US all the way to San Francisco to take on the 49ers.

Watch The Play Here (Footage by FOX, courtesy 

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