Divisional Round In Review

Team Score In Parentheses

Saints (32) @ 49ers (36)

After a fantastic finish to a very exciting game, the 49ers scored via an Alex Smith connection to TE Vernon Davis with just ticks left on the clock. The Saints couldn’t get a quick TD, and the 49ers went insane on the sidelines after their win. The Saints turned the ball over too much, and that is the sole reason why they lost. After years upon years of mediocrity, the Niners surged this season and have a strong chance to win the Super Bowl. 

Next week: Giants @ 49ers

Broncos (10) @ Patriots (45)

The Broncos simply got beat by a better team. The Patriots used new, innovative strategies, including lining TE Aaron Hernandez up as a Tailback and giving him the ball more than they usually do. TE Rob Gronkowski had a phenomenal game fueled by Tom Brady’s record-tying performance. He threw five touchdowns in the first half. The Patriots dominated on defense, also. They completely stopped Tim Tebow in his tracks.

Next week: Ravens @ Patriots

Texans (13) @ Ravens (20)

The Texans hung in the game for quite a while, but the Ravens managed the game and won. The Texans were haunted by interceptions by QB TJ Yates. Yates, a 2011 Fifth-Round Pick out of UNC, went 17-35 with 184 yards, no TD’s, and three picks. Early in the game, Texans WR/PR Jacoby Jones muffed a punt deep in their territory and the Ravens scored a Touchdown shortly after. The Ravens forced takeaways, and that was the deciding factor of the game.

Next week: Ravens @ Patriots

Giants (37) @ Packers (20)

The Giants (as I predicted, with proof here) beat the Packers in Green Bay. There are a number of reasons that the Packers lost, and the main reasons one was because of their mistakes. Aaron Rodgers was way off, the wideouts dropped the ball, and they turned the ball over. The Giants defense deserves a ton of credit after holding one of the NFL’s most explosive attacks to only 20 points. Eli Manning stepped up when he had to also, including a Hail Mary bomb to WR Hakeem Nicks as time expired in the first half.

Next week: Giants @ 49ers

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