Philbin Goes To Miami

Joe Philbin, formerly the Offensive Coordinator of the Green Bay Packers’ attack, has agreed to become the newest Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins.

Particularly as of late, the Dolphins have struggled on offense. With the likelihood that the St. Louis Rams will trade their First-Round Pick (2nd Overall), the Dolphins should consider executing a deal with the Rams to select QB Robert Griffin III. Even though the move would be quite costly, it is a transaction worth the price.

RG3, RB Daniel Thomas, and OT Jake Long would be the future of the Dolphins’ core. If they don’t grab Griffin, they will still need to get a franchise Quarterback on their roster somewhat. Hint—neither Matt Moore or Chad Henne is their longterm answer. They could trade down and select QB Ryan Tannehill, who played for Texas A&M, and groom him under the instruction of Philbin.

The Dolphins have a bright future despite being inconsistent over the past few seasons. If they can find their Quarterback of the future, they should be off to the races.

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