Colts Hire Pagano As Coach

After a superb season as Defensive Coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens, Chuck Pagano has been hired to Head Coach the struggling Indianapolis Colts.

Pagano, however, has more to address than just the defense. QB Peyton Manning recently acknowledged that his future is a business move rather than a personal one, which points to the end of his unparalleled Colts career. In all likelihood, the Colts will either select Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III with the Number One pick in this year’s draft. 

But on the defensive side of the ball, the Colts are very limited. They would benefit immensely from acquiring an interior defensive lineman or two, a corner, and a safety. Indy could use their Second Round pick and a Day Three pick to trade up for a late First Round pick.

Or they could simply use Manning as trade bait.

They have options, but the Colts need to make the smartest decision they can. One slip up can delay this team’s revival for a painful two years. Pagano needs to evaluate each tidbit of this long lost team in order to bounce back in the AFC South.

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