Debating Points: Is The Pro Bowl Worth It?

Let’s face it—the popularity of all star games in all sport leagues is declining rapidly. Once viewed as the second best game of the year, the Pro Bowl now seems like a waste of time and money.

The Super Bowl teams—this year, the Giants and Patriots—won’t have any Pro Bowlers because the bigger game takes place next weekend. Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Eli Manning, and Jason Pierre-Paul won’t play in the Pro Bowl. Other Patriot would-be Pro Bowlers are OG Logan Mankins, ST Matthew Slater, OG Brian Waters, WR Wes Welker, or NT Vince Wilfork. Pats DE Andre Carter was voted to the Pro Bowl, but is injured. Manning and Pierre-Paul were the only Giants players named to that game.

Key players are missing out. Additionally, Pro Bowlers tend to not play 100% throughout the game. During one of the final plays in the 2011 Pro Bowl, the offensive line and defensive line did nothing but babbled and conversed. This is more of a social event for NFL players rather than an gridiron battle.

The NFL should just cut the game out of their schedule. Sure, it means a lot to be in the Pro Bowl, and vacationing in Hawaii is the opportunity of a lifetime, but it is a ton of money and a misrepresenation of the prodigious NFL.

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