Best Play Yesterday: The Marshall Fade

In the Pro Bowl yesterday, PBMVP and Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall gracefully hauled in a picture perfect lob from Bengals QB Andy Dalton. Marshall made a tip toe, hold-your-breath catch. He caught four TD’s on the day.

Formation: Singleback Double Tight

The Play: Dalton three-step drops back straight under center, looks right, Marshall (Right Flanker) runs straight, stutter steps, fades, runs corner end zone, turns to Dalton, looks up, turns back to sideline, catches ball, drags feet, scores touchdown.

What Happened: Marshall’s initial stutter step threw the cornerback off guard. Dalton threw a great pass, and “The Beast” made a fabulous reception to put the cherry on top. The football landed perfectly in his hands, and Marshall got two feet in bounds before stepping out.

The Aftermath: The AFC extended their lead to 52-35, and went on to win the Pro Bowl 59-41.

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