Media Day Spotlight: Gronk’s Ankle

Today was the famous media day in Indy. Media day has always been a fun and interesting day for the NFL, and today was no exception. The big Super Bowl week headline—Pats TE Rob Gronkowski’s injured ankle—was put under the spotlight immensely.

Gronkowski says his ankle is feeling better, however I personally do not think that he will be 100% healthy in time for the Super Bowl. But the Super Bowl is a one game season, and once the adrenaline kicks in he should be at least 70%.

Here is Gronk’s quote, courtesy of

I’m just going day by day, every single day, just working with the training staff, and whatever the training staff wants me to do, that’s what I’m doing. I’m making new steps every day, and I’m feeling better every day. That’s a positive sign. You just want to keep going in a positive direction, and I want to be out there with the team, obviously. I want to help out the team, obviously.

The Gronk has been a pivotal factor throughout the entire season, and has shattered record after record for the tight end position. He has been unstoppable this season, and is the Patriots’ lethal weapon on offense aside from Tom Brady.

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