Moss Pulls A Brett Favre

WR Randy Moss, who sat our the 2011 season as a retired player, is coming back to the league in 2012.

Moss, a 35-year-old former NFL star, still might have some gas in the tank. If he can have one more successful year would boost up his Hall-of-Fame chances. Another Super Bowl wouldn’t hurt, either.

I could very well see Moss head toward Houston to play alongside Pro Bowl WR Andre Johnson. The Texans lack a prime number two wideout and would benefit immensely from Moss’s presence. Also, QB Matt Schaub is coming back from a season-ending injury, and having an extra target on their roster will not only take the load of their quarterback but also off their whole offense.

Moss would undoubtedly¬†be a pivotal factor in the Texans’ emergence in the playoffs, as long as he doesn’t get injured. If he signs with Houston, his career will be back on track in no time.

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