Peyton Manning And Colts Make Headway

Colts legendary QB Peyton Manning, who recently had his arm dubbed as a “noodle” by a sports writer, is now being welcomed back by Colts owner Jim Irsay, as long as the contract is reconstructed. 

If the Colts can strike a bargain with their current starting quarterback and select Andrew Luck with their first round draft pick, they will have a monster being created. If you take a look at what happened to Aaron Rodgers while backing up fellow Packer signal-caller Brett Favre, you’ll see how much a young player can learn from a legend.

That would be the Colts’ dream. They could let Manning run out of gas and finish his legacy in Indianapolis, and meanwhile groom the “best quarterback draft prospect since John Elway.”

They would also get to focus on other areas of need, and could even let Manning handle the Luck situation himself. They are likely looking to see how they can make that possible in 2012.

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