CB Routt Signed By KC; What Is Next For CB Carr?

Cornerback Stanford Routt, who previously played for the Oakland Raiders, is going to stay in the AFC West but play for a different team.

Routt signed with the division-rival Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs have CB Brandon Flowers, a 26-year-old corner who is emerging into the NFL class of elites.

KC’s other starting corner, Brandon Carr, is an unrestricted free agent. The acquisition of Routt likely signals the end of Carr’s tenure with the Chiefs.

Carr will soon be the nucleus of interest from numerous teams. Plenty of organizations could use a young corner like Carr. The Patriots, Broncos, and Bengals would all benefit immensely from signing Carr.

The Patriots had an atrocious pass defense this regular season. First and foremost, they evidently lack pass-rushers. The Patriots have multiple bright cornerbacks, but could use Carr to stack that position even more.

The Broncos’ main two cornerbacks—Champ Bailey and Andre’ Goodman—are both 33 years old. Bailey is still very playing at a Hall of Fame level, but Goodman is clearly losing athleticism. Carr would get to stay in the AFC West, and get to partake in Tebow Time.

The Bengals lost CB Johnathan Joseph to free agency last offseason to the Houston Texans. They acquired former 49er CB Nate Clements in 2011, but other than that the Bengals are weak at that position. Carr would solidify the defensive back core immediately.

Carr has a lot of options to decide from. Once he finds a team to sign with, Carr should be in for a big payday.

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