PFG Draft Analysis Kickoff

In honor of the Scouting Combine that technically started today (drills start very soon), ProFootballGolden will be unveiling PFG Draft Analysis, or, in other words, a bunch of in-depth scouting reports rich with statistics and executive opinion.

This draft is full of big-name, first round picks and late round gems who have all the potential to succeed in the NFL. Quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III headline the talented class of NFL futures.

The draft isn’t until April, but the prospects will still be blabbered about in heavy detail. After the Scouting Combine, analysts and fans will both have a better idea of who’s draft stock is on the rise and who’s draft stock is on the decline.

If there are any specific players or positions that you would like to be scouted, please contact us either by email ( or by simply clicking the “Ask A Question” button at the top of the homepage.

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