Indianapolis Update

The city of Indianapolis has been drenched by the media. First the ubiquitous Super Bowl. Now the Scouting Combine. Then the Peyton Manning saga. The blogosphere and media have been raving about the events in this city.

Long Story Short/Super Bowl

The Super Bowl was just a short while ago, but football fandom has heard enough of it already. Giants QB Eli Manning defeated Tom Brady in one of the world’s greatest sports events again.

Scouting Combine/Analyzing The Tight Ends

Moving along, the Scouting Combine’s drills kicked off today, featuring the offensive linemen and the tight ends. USC OT Matt Kalil continued to dominate, and Stanford OG David DeCastro had a solid day, also.

Four tight ends stood out to me the most today. Dwayne Allen, Orson Charles, Michael Egnew, and Ladarius Green all showed what they are made of.

Before I go into player-by-player details, I will say that the NFL Network made a great comment that the tight end position should be split up into two sub-positions: split end (receiver) or H-Back (fullback/tight end; frequently plays next to or behind offensive line).

I completely agree with NFL Network’s idea. Tight end is too general of a category.

Anyhow, let’s look into Allen, Charles, Egnew, and Green.

Allen would be categorized as a split end. He is a great receiver with extraordinary hands. Allen has a great release off of the line of scrimmage, also. The 6’4” football player racks up tons of yards after catch.

Charles is more of an H-Back. He is an exceptional blocker for both the pass and run game. He runs precise routes, but is better off as a blocking-oriented tight end.

Egnew showed his weaknesses today, but also displayed his raw talent. He has tremendous potential that a team can build on. The 6’6” Missouri Tiger is a vertical threat and a fantastic split end.

Like Egnew, Green is a vertical threat down field. Green ran a 4.53 40 yard dash, and had a broad jump of 124 inches. He stands at an impressive 6’6” frame, also.

Peyton Manning Latest

The Kansas City Chiefs are rumored to have potential interest in QB Peyton Manning. Manning will be looked at by many, many teams. The Jets, Cardinals, Dolphins, 49ers, and Redskins are all teams who should take a look at this Hall of Fame quarterback.

I personally do not think that Manning fits well for the Chiefs. KC is coming back from many injuries, and seems a little shaky as of now. They have a lot of questions surrounding the offense, and QB Matt Cassel at least deserves a shot to start in the NFL right now.

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