RG3/Luck Post—40-Yard Dash

The combine craze continued today, as the quarterbacks, wideouts, and running backs hit the field today.

The draft’s two biggest names—Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III—both didn’t throw but ran the 40-yard dash.

RG3 ran a lightning fast 4.41, meanwhile Luck, more of a pocket passer, ran a 4.67. 

Griffin lit up the turf in Indianapolis today. He boosted his stock with his 40-yard dash run. Everybody knows how well RG3 can throw, but displaying his dynamic ability to run sprinters’ speed will impress scouts across the NFL.

The Colts—who, before the combine, looked like they would pick Luck over Griffin—will have to take a look at the Baylor graduate.

Luck, however, is dubbed the best prospect since John Elway. And nine times out of ten, you pick the best prospect since John Elway.

Luck is nothing short of phenomenal. He is a beautiful thrower with the football maturity of Tom Brady.

If you look at his pocket presence, you’ll notice that he scrambles only when he needs to. Luck knows when to step up and when to roll out. He is one of the draft’s smartest players, and his wise play has boosted his stock all the way to the best player in the draft.

The Colts have a crucial decision to make, but right now, Luck still has the edge. Griffin will definitely go one pick after Luck, but not to St. Louis. The Rams are going to trade out of that pick to an RG3 pursuer.

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