Bounty Problems

The Saints—one of the NFL’s most admirable teams who also led a suffering city to a fiery comeback—violated one of the NFL’s biggest rules.

Led by defensive coordinator Gregg Williams—who now is the DC of the Rams—sparked a bounty for hard hits. According to, players received $1500 for a knockout hit and $1000 for a cart-off hit. Money would be raised in the playoffs.

The Saints are going to be hit hard by the NFL for this. Williams could face multi-season suspensions; meanwhile the Saints are in trouble of losing a lot of money, draft picks, and players via suspension.

Williams publically apologized, but that can’t make up for what the Saints did on the football field. If you look back at the 2009 and 2010 playoffs, when they terrorized quarterbacks like Kurt Warner and Brett Favre down after down after down, New Orleans played nauseatingly reckless.

The Saints lost a lot of respect today, and are going to be destroyed with penalties. All of the players who participated deserve a fine and eight-game suspension, HC Sean Peyton should get a two-game suspension, and Williams should get a multi-season suspension and a fine.

A multiple season suspension and a fine may sound like a lot, but he put careers of future HoFers on the line, and, more significantly, Williams put lives on the line. Down the road, Warner, Favre, and numerous other players will suffer physical and even mental problems because of Williams’s maliciousness.

As the story progresses and the league collects more data, the Saints will be in more and more trouble from the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell. Williams especially is going to take a tremendous hit.

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