Colts’ Future Without Peyton

As Peyton Manning delivered his professional but tear-jerking press conference today, thoughts of the future for both sides were quickly brought about.

The team that Manning will suit up for in 2012 remains unknown, but there are plenty of interested teams.

According to Jason La Canfora, the Redskins, Browns, Dolphins, Seahawks, and Broncos have all started to pursue Manning. The Jets are also in the mix.

Likewise, the Colts are left in an interesting position. They could be without Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garçon, and Jeff Saturday due to free agency. No matter what, they will be a completely different team than they were in 2011.

Andrew Luck, frequently who is regarded as a better draft prospect than Peyton Manning was in 1998, will likely quarterback the Colts from here on out. The Colts, however, have offensive needs across the depth chart.

The Colts need help at wide receiver and offense line. Many big-name wideouts are free agents this offseason, such as Vincent Jackson and Marques Colston. If the Colts can land a big-name wideout to pair up with Luck, they will be a much better offense this season.

The Colts need both a tackle and an interior lineman. They should look to acquire players at those positions through the draft, as they need to build and protect Andrew Luck.

Indy is in an ultimate rebuilding phase right now. They will be looking past Peyton and onward forth with Andrew Luck.

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