Quarterback News Around The League

The Redskins have locked up quarterback Robert Griffin III, as they traded up to the second pick overall.

The Redskins traded three first round picks (2012, 2013, and 2014) and sacrificied a second round pick (2012) to St. Louis, for the Rams’ first round pick in 2012 (2nd pick overall). Washington now can go out and sign a big-name receiver to help the Redskins’ bolster their offense.

The Rams are going to benefit immensely from this deal, also. They may still get to pick wide receiver Justin Blackmon, but if they can’t select him the Rams still have three future first rounders and an additional second to draft a star wideout.

The Redskins are now officially out of the Peyton Manning sweepstakes, as are the New York Jets.

The Jets gave quarterback Mark Sanchez a three-year extension worth up to over $40 million. Sanchez was criticized from his fellow teammates quite a bit this offseason, so his contract extension is somewhat of a surprise.

Manning is now venturing to Arizona, as the Cardinals look to sign the free agent. Yesterday, number eighteen was in Denver for an extensive meeting with John Fox, John Elway, and other Bronco officials. According to the Denver Post, talks were “productive.” 

If the Cardinals could acquire Peyton, they would be legitimate Super Bowl contenders in the next few seasons. They need to shape up their offensive line and boost their defense, but that can easily be done in a couple of offseasons.

After the Arizona visit, Manning is scheduled to head to Miami.

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