New York Jets: Two Reasons Why Tim Tebow Will Be Wildly Successful In The Wildcat Package

Tim Tebow may not be the starter yet in the Big Apple, but should the trade finally pass through, the Jets will be in great position to utilize the unconventional quarterback.

The wildcat package took the NFL by storm a few years ago, and the Gang Green will look to continue the trend. Here are the reasons why Tebow will star in this formation.

Tony Sparano/Strategy

Former Miami Dolphins HC Tony Sparano was the first modern-day NFL coach to commit to the wildcat offense. Sparano is now the Jets’ offensive coordinator, and has one of the best wildcat players to ever play the game.

In college, Tebow ran the spread option eloquently. He propelled the Florida Gators to a National Championship, and Tebow would go on to win the Heisman Trophy.

Sparano will know how to utilize the athletically talented Tebow, and will develop formations, motions, and plays that will match up with the Jets’ personnel and Tebow’s strengths.

Tebow’s Size-Athleticism Combination

Tebow is an absolute nightmare when it comes to raw athleticism. At 6-3 and well over 230 pounds, the quarterback may be too built for his position, but is perfect to play powerback in the wildcat.

Imagine him faking a jet sweep and powering up the gut in the infamous, bloodied NFL trenches. His sheer strength will be proven beneficial, as that athletic trait will be enough to thrust through the line.

The charitable Tebow was made for the wildcat with his size and athleticism. Add that with Sparano’s wildcat knowledge, and you’ve got yourself a formation that will tear right through the NFL.

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