PFG Draft Analysis: Devon Wylie

Devon Wylie, WR/RS, Fresno State


At 5’9”, 187, Devon Wylie evidently has slot receiver size. He is small enough to weave through linebackers across the field, however he is very undersized.

Rating: 7.5


At the Scouting Combine, Wylie ran the 40-yard dash in 4.39 seconds. He is light on his feet, and can outrun defenders and gunners in open space.

Rating: 8.5

Release Off The Line Of Scrimmage

Wylie is occasionally slow off of the LOS, and can struggle to rack up speed. He needs to work on release.

Rating: 6.5

Route Running

While Wylie is a very raw prospect, his routes are decent and he produces. In 2012, he caught for over 700 yards.

Rating: 7.5

Hands/Hand-Eye Coordination

Since the former Fresno State Bulldog is a return specialist, strong hand-eye coordination is nothing short of a must. Wylie has fantastic coordination and solid hands.

Rating: 8.5


Wylie was not a big blocker in college. When on the field, Wylie was primarily a potential ballcarrier.

Rating: N/A


The wideout suffered a major foot injury in 2010, but other than that he is a fantastic player overall. He is an electrifying returner, and whenever he receives the ball fans rise to their feet in hopes to witness Wylie take it to the house.

Rating: 9.5

Overall Rating: 8.0

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