NFL Switches To Nike: Analyzing The Seahawks’ New Jerseys

The NFL has completed its highly anticipated switch from Reebok to Nike and New Era. The NFL’s new Nike jerseys were unveiled today in an event in the Big Apple, also. However, only one team suffered a dramatic clothing change.

Previous to the Nike switch, the Seattle Seahawks had decent but bland jerseys featuring the ubiquitous color of blue. The Seahawks retained blue, but added a sleek touch of lime green that perfected the blend.

Let’s analyze this fabulous outfit from head to toe. Literally.

Helmet: There is indeed a change, as the helmet logo has been altered. It possesses an illustrious silver, blue, and white combination that sets the tone for the outfit.

Jersey: Both the home and away jerseys’ numbering are outlined in the universal color of lime green. Also, the jersey boasts a fluorescent collar. The two jerseys are equally striking. 

Pants: The home pants are blue and the away ones white, but the two jerseys share one major quality: A roaring green line that shoots down like a laser. 

Socks/Cleats: Just a grand mix of silver, blue, white, and green.

Overall Grade: A+. This jersey would look great on a winning team. Let’s see how the Seahawks battle it out this year in their new jerseys.

Click Here To See The Outfits

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