Preseason Schedule Announced; RG3-Luck Matchup Is A Must-Watch

The NFL announced its preseason exhibition schedule today. Starting with a kickoff in Canton featuring the Arizona Cardinals and New Orleans Saints, the preseason will unfold, as focus will shift to a week three matchup where the Washington Redskins and Indianapolis Colts will square off in a matchup that will set a tone for the NFL for the next few years.

The Colts and Redskins are picking bang-bang as Indy possesses the first overall pick and the ‘Skins follow up at number two. Quarterback prospects Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III will fly off the board, and will battle it out in that very matchup.

Both are regarded as some of the best QB prospects in a very long time, and when Luck and RG3 take the field they will capture the nation’s eye as the future of the NFL—and football for that matter—hinges on both quarterback’s play.

The role of the quarterback has drastically changed in the last five years, with a running evolution. RG3 is a phenomenal runner, and Luck isn’t half bad at running either. Luck, however, possesses the upper hand when it comes to accuracy.

While Luck doesn’t have sprinters’ speed, he is fairly quick and has a beautiful touch to the football. His level of accuracy is rarely seen in football. Add that to his strength and athleticism and you’ve got the formula for a future Hall of Famer.

Both quarterbacks, like Newton, will continue leading football into this youthful, innovative change.

How these quarterbacks play down the stretch will completely change the game of football. Signal-callers like Cam Newton are starting to dominate the league. The 2011 first pick overall has a nasty combination featuring accuracy, speed, and strength.

This preseason game is just an exhibition match, but the aftereffects are immense. Football will forever be changed when these players display their modern day football skills.

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