New Orleans Saints: Vitt To Be Interim

While New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton is serving his infamous season long suspension, assistant coach Joe Vitt will take an interim role.

Vitt was suspended six games, but is allowed to coach in the preseason. 

Said general manager Mickey Loomis:

“It is important that we keep Sean Payton’s philosophy front and center during this season. Sean has been the driving force behind the tremendous success our team has enjoyed during the past six years, his leadership will be missed.”

Owner Tom Benson, an integral part of the Saints’ recent success, added this to the Saints’ online statement:

“This is about our program, and the continued success of our program.”

Clearly, they don’t want to make a seismic change up front.

They reportedly had interest in former head coach Bill Parcells, but that never panned out. Anyways, it would have been an inefficient move because of the change in coaching philosophy. 

With the suspensions, allegations, rumors, fines, and investigations, a midseason philosophy change is the last thing Big Easy’s NFL team needs. They need to stick with their current scheme and march onward forth.

This was the right move to make, even though they need an interim for Vitt when he is suspended. That, however, will be taken care of.

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