Debating Points: What Should The Vikings Do With Their First Pick?

The draft is just in a matter of days, so team war rooms will be seeing some of their heaviest front office battles, as team experts will be blabbering at each other about what to do with their picks.

The ubiquitous world of football knows that quarterback Andrew Luck is going first overall to Indianapolis and fellow signal caller Robert Griffin III is immediately following as the Washington Redskins will draft him second overall. The Minnesota Vikings currently possess the third overall pick, but no one knows what they’ll do with it.

They have several needs across the board. They glaringly need an offensive tackle, wide receiver, and cornerback.

It just happens to be that three of the top six players this draft plays at those positions.

OT Matt Kalil is a phenomenal blocker from USC. WR Justin Blackmon is an elite wideout who plays huge. CB Morris Claiborne has been labeled as the next Darrelle Revis. Where do they start?

The Vikes also may want to consider dealing their pick and racking up a couple of more later round ones.

Well, Minnesota should dial up the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to see if they want to jump ahead of the Cleveland Browns so they can select RB Trent Richardson. The Vikes could still pick ahead of the St. Louis Rams, a team desperate of a number one wide receiver.

The Vikings would then get a low round pick in return for the deal, and could use that pick to build their depth chart. 

Trading down two spots and getting Blackmon is undoubtedly and recognizably a win-win move.

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