NFL Draft: Five First Round Trade Hotspots

The draft is in less than 24 hours. To say the least, it’s pretty close by.

Here is quick a look at potential first round trade hotspots.

3rd Pick Overall (Minnesota Vikings) This selection has already caused quite a bit of buzz. The New York Jets even called RB prospect Trent Richardson to make sure they have his contact, as they anxiously want to make him a member of the Gang Green. The only way the Jets can immediately acquire Richardson is if they trade up to the 3rd pick overall.

11th Pick Overall (Kansas City Chiefs) The Chiefs would benefit from moving down, and several teams undoubtedly need to move up. KC has multiple areas of weakness, including interior offensive line and defensive/nose tackle. They may be able to pick up a second rounder, also

18th Pick Overall (San Diego Chargers) Sitting in the middle of the first round, the Chargers are bound to receive trade calls. They should look to trade up and pick up a pass rusher, also. It makes immense sense for them to deal their pick and move up.

25th Pick Overall (Denver Broncos) The Broncos, on the other hand, should look to trade out of the first round. They have many key needs especially defensive tackle, running back, offensive line, wide receiver, and cornerback. Denver needs more picks.

31st Pick Overall (New England Patriots) Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick is infamous for trading out of the first round, but they desperately need a DE/OLB. However, they possess the 27th overall pick (via New Orleans), and could draft one then and there. The Pats could trade out using the 31st pick, a rack up a later pick also.

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