Debating Points: What Will Blackmon’s Immediate Role Be With Jacksonville?

Dynamic WR Justin Blackmon is going to have an enormous role in his rookie season while playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The fifth overall selection is evidently talented, and that is what the Jaguars have been yearning for. Young, fresh talent tops their list of many needs. Blackmon will balance the offense, as the Jag’s attack was solely effective in the run game, which was led by star RB Maurice Jones-Drew.

With MJD and Blackmon on the field at the same time, opposing defenses’ focuses will be far more neutralized between the run and pass. QB Blaine Gabbert, a rookie in 2011, struggled immensely last season as he lacked a dominant target aside from the running back.

Blackmon will have to instantaneously alter the offense. He needs to help strike a run-pass tone that will boost the attack’s firepower. 

He will likely be their number one wide receiver by training camp. By far he is the top wideout on the Jags’ roster. Blackmon is effective in numerous situations, and should be utilized regularly.

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