Debating Points: Whom Should Seattle Start At Quarterback?

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has been impressed so far with 2012 third round pick Russell Wilson; a 5’11” quarterback out of Wisconsin.

When Wilson played for the Wisconsin Badgers, he was forced to throw over skyscraping 6’7”/6’8” offensive linemen. He would go on, however, to have a phenomenal season and lead his team all the way to the ever-so historical Rose Bowl.

The Seahawks did sign quarterback Matt Flynn in this offseason, though. Flynn learned and developed under Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers coaching staff for numerous years. 

But do not forget about Tavaris Jackson. Jackson once led the Minnesota Vikings to the playoffs. He has had some rough spots recently, but has potential to be a starter down the road.

The Seahawks have a big decision on their hands, but it will ultimately come down to how Flynn and Wilson play. TJ has a decent shot at the job, but the starter will likely be Flynn or Wilson.

Seattle should let Wilson develop, and give the starting job to the former Packers backup.

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