Philadelphia Eagles: Shady Inks Monster Deal

The Philadelphia Eagles have resigned RB LeSean “Shady” McCoy to a five-year deal. More than $20 Million is guaranteed. McCoy could get paid as much as $45 Million, also. 

A couple of days after New England Patriots slot wide receiver Wes Welker received a new deal, McCoy was handed a titanic deal. 

The contract will undoubtedly pose a ripple effect around the league, notably.

Fellow RB’s Matt Forte and Ray Rice are due for a big deal. Forte was swiftly dynamic with the Chicago Bears last season; meanwhile Rice pounded the ball ever so successfully with the Baltimore Ravens.

The Bears and Ravens definitely have to act fast or else their A1 RB’s will hold out of practices, and obtrusive media commotion will be sprinkled all over the team facility shortly thereafter. Also, having one of their top players avoid practices will put the teams at a major disadvantage.

The impact of the deal will spread throughout the league excessively quickly, as multiple players are desperately yearning for a Pro Bowl-esque contract.

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