Miami Dolphins: Team Will Star On HBO’s “Hard Knocks”

HBO’s “Hard Knocks” gives fans a rare opportunity to receive an in-depth look at what truly happens during training camp, one of the NFL’s most excruciating, exhausting months.

The Miami Dolphins team will be featured on “Hard Knocks” this year

The Dolphins will have heaps of interesting story lines this summer. “Hard Knocks” will have a lot to document.

The quarterback battle should not absorb plenty of focus, even though quarterbacks are the most important position in sports. The battle will unfold as people expect it too. First round pick QB Ryan Tannehill will likely start the season on the bench, and fellow signal caller Matt Moore will go ahead and seize the starting reigns. Even the owner, Stephen Ross said that Moore is the probable starter.

But in South Beach, a lot can happen. Off the field, team drama is sure to be abundant, especially with a young team like the ‘Phins. The show will undoubtedly be very entertaining and interesting.

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