NFL Playoffs: Four Things We Learned In The Wild Card Round

Houston Texans, 19, Cincinnati Bengals, 13

Photo courtesy USA Today
Photo courtesy USA Today

What We Learned: A Lack Of Momentum Can Be Overturned With Raw Talent

The Texans skidded into the playoffs, and lost multiple games in December. The red-hot Bengals travelled to Texas, ultimately to lose. Houston won solely with their talent. RB Arian Foster paved the way, and the pass game unfolded. The stacked defense held a dynamic offense to 13 points, also.

Green Bay Packers, 24, Minnesota Vikings, 10

What We Learned: AP Cannot Be The Entire Offense For Minnesota

Vikings RB Adrian Peterson seemed unstoppable—until an announcement surfaced stating that QB Christian Ponder would not start due to an injury. Joe Webb replaced him and played quite badly, and was down an irrevocable amount of points before the Vikes struck paydirt. Running teams need pass-run balance.

Photo taken by Patrick Smith/Getty Images
Photo taken by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Baltimore Ravens, 24, Indianapolis Colts, 9

What We Learned: Never, Ever Underestimate Ray

Even with torn triceps, Ravens LB Ray Lewis played his last game in Maryland in marvelous fashion. Lewis made 13 tackles and deflected a pass, despite the injury. The defense emerged behind Ray, and was propelled swiftly by the lifting performance by #52. Whatever the circumstance, never go against Lewis.

Seattle Seahawks, 24, Washington Redskins, 14

What We Learned: The Seahawks Offense Can Be Contained

Yes, the Seahawks indeed won, but RG3 was injury-depleted and eventually taken out of the game. The ‘Hawks offense, which has tallied unparalleled levels of offense during the last weeks of the regular season. The Redskins contained this unit, and future opponents will review this film tape carefully.

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