Debating Points: What Should The Raiders Do At Quarterback?

Photo taken by Donald Miralle/Getty Images
Photo taken by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Oakland Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor has A1 athleticism, but hasn’t shown much thus far in his NFL career. Does he deserve a shot? Read on for ProFootballGolden’s spin on the Raiders’ QB issues.

The Oakland Raiders have been terrible for nearly a decade. They sloppily turnover the ball, and the Raiders mantra “Just Win Baby” hasn’t carried out.

QB Carson Palmer has been decent while donning the notorious Silver and Black uniform, but has not given the team any firepower. Fellow Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor has not displayed many glimpses of future NFL successes.

The Raiders should establish a quarterback competition through the dog days of training camp. Pryor could be in the mix, but they really should cut ties with the former Ohio State Buckeye.

They should also cut ties with Palmer, and bring in a different veteran. They could try to trade for Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick, but after a restructured contract the chances of that acquisition occurring are slim if any.

The Raiders need to bring in a veteran quarterback and a young quarterback. Oakland’s struggling football team could attempt to acquire QB Alex Smith, an accomplished veteran looking for a starting role. Or—do I dare say it?—Tim Tebow. Tebow could energize this fan base, as he consistently wins. However, there is a tremendous risk involved.

Smith and a quarterback second or third round draft pick is the way to go for Oakland. They need to revamp the quarterback depth chart.

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