Minnesota Vikings Receive Greg Jennings

Photo taken by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
Photo taken by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

WR Greg Jennings signed with the Minnesota Vikings, marking an end to his Green Bay Packer career but ultimately staying in the frigid NFC North.

WR Greg Jennings has been one of the most popular Green Bay Packers for years—until now. He signed a five-year, $47.5 Million contract with $18 Million guaranteed.

Jennings will be a factor in the passing game with QB Christian Ponder at the helm. Since Vikings stud WR Percy Harvin was deported west to the Seattle Seahawks, the Vikes had a huge gaping hole at the wideout position.

ProFootballGolden suggested that the Vikes sign Jennings on March 9th.

Along with this previous article, ProFootballGolden stated that the Vikings should draft WR Ryan Swope, also. He or WR Tavon Austin would be a quality draft selection, especially considering the fact that the Vikes possess two first round picks.

Anyhow, this acquisition will certainly help the RB Adrian Peterson-propelled offensive attack. It will be weird seeing Jennings on the different side of the Vikes-Pack rivalry, however.

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