Debating Points: Why The Pro Bowl Draft Would Be Sweeter Than Sugar

Photo taken by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees may no longer have to play for his conference in the Pro Bowl.

The once beloved Pro Bowl was under hot scrutiny after a lackadaisical 2012 game. The 2013 Pro Bowl carried out a prodigiously larger amount of effort, however, and more improvements are in the works at the NFL Annual Meeting to improve the Pro Bowl even more.

Photo taken by Kent Nishimura/Getty Images
Photo taken by Kent Nishimura/Getty Images

The NFL Annual Meeting covers many aspects of the NFL from the Pro Bowl to player safety. Many creative and innovative suggestions engulfing a flurry of NFL topics surfaced recently.

Notable Pro Bowl suggestions include but are not limited to a rotating location schedule and divvying up the compensation structure. The most compelling idea, however, is a Pro Bowl draft.

This draft would blend the NFC and AFC into two teams. It would be interesting seeing AFC signal callers Tom Brady and Peyton Manning swished with NFC gunslingers Drew Brees, Eli Manning, and Aaron Rodgers.

Imagine the Manning brothers on the same team. Quite the headline, eh?

Since players from the same team would likely be on different Pro Bowl squads, fans would be forced to watch the game from the uttermost unbiased perspective known to man. Since this unbiased view is dropped on the fans, the experience of watching the Pro Bowl is even more attractive.

The draft could even be televised. The Pro Bowl draft would be quite a change, but affirmatively one for the better.

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