Dallas Cowboys: Romo Gets Prodigious Extension

Photo taken by Tom Pennington/Getty Images
Photo taken by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo has been a staple for pro football criticism in recent years. After displaying consistency in his early career, he has since been plagued with turnovers and terrible late-season performances. To put it this way: December and January aren’t Romo’s prime months.

When news broke out that Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo signed a hefty extension (six years, $108 Million with $55 Million guaranteed) former Philadelphia Eagles (among other teams) QB Donovan McNabb was infuriated.

He took his fire to Twitter, seemingly the hottest spot to vent out issues in the 21st century.

McNabb later corrected his contract numbers, saying that $55 Million was guaranteed.

Anyhow, McNabb has a valid point. If clutch is North, Romo is South. He has been tumultuous in December and January, with some of the worst woes any signal caller can display on a résumé.

If you need any evidence, watch this video about how Romo single-handedly lost a playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks a few years back.

The number of interceptions fired  from the 6’2″, 230 pound quarterback’s arm are way too high. In 2011, Romo threw 10 interceptions tied with five total fumbles. In 2012, Romo threw 19 interceptions and fumbled a total of three times.

Photo taken by Rich Shultz/Getty Images
Photo taken by Rich Shultz/Getty Images

Romo essentially needs to correct his turnover issues that have plagued his career as of late. If he has that issue fixed by around November—for the sake of the Cowboys, hopefully earlier—Romo can play more smoothly come December and January. This may eliminate his inability to be clutch.

If Romo can clean up his turnovers and play smartly yet still be productive during some of the most crucial months of the NFL calendar, he will be worth the deal. At times, Romo plays at a Pro Bowl level. In 2012, he threw for 4903 yards. However, his nauseating interceptions and fumbles tarnished his efforts.

Romo has a talented group around him, though. RB DeMarco Murray can be illustrious at times, meanwhile TE Jason Witten, WR Dez Bryant and Miles Austin form a superb squad of targets.

Bryant, who recently announced he is targeting the 2000 yard receiving mark, tweeted a compliment to Romo’s new deal.

Bryant needs superior quarterback play to past the 2000 yard single season receiving mark, but the goal is to bring a ring to Dallas. Essentially, Bryant is yearning for a ring, along with the Cowboys players, coaching staff, front office, and fans.

Romo is the key to success for the Cowboys, and he needs to eliminate turnovers and play at an A1 level in the late part of the season. Romo will need playoff wins, a low number of turnovers, and at least one Super Bowl ring to live up to this contract.

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