Remembering Pat Summerall

Photo courtesy Sports Illustrated
Photo courtesy Sports Illustrated

Pat Summerall was an NFL player and announcer, and is in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame.

Pat Summerall was a long time NFL broadcasting legend. He played as a placekicker in the NFL from 1952-1961. However, his legacy was formed because of his broadcasting.

Summerall was hired in 1962 as a CBS Sports color commentator. Summerall switched to play-by-play in the middle of the ’74 season. Seven years later, he teamed up with John Madden to make one of the best football broadcast duos ever.

In 1994, Summerall and Madden switched to FOX after the channel took over NFC broadcasting duties. He retired for good in 2002, and sporadically broadcasted from then on.

Summerall has broadcasted other sports including tennis, golf, and basketball.

Summerall was 82 years old and will be remembered.

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