Longsnapper United: Jags Uniforms Unveiled; ‘Phins, Vikes Unis Leaked

Photo courtesy SportsLogos.net
Photo courtesy SportsLogos.net

The Jacksonville Jaguars officially unveiled their uniform on Tuesday, however the Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings witnessed their to be unveiled uniforms leak out on the internet.

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ new uniforms are sleek, modern, and revolutionary. They have three jerseys—one home, one away, and one alternate—a black helmet, and a gold helmet.

I like the Jags’ new uniforms. Fluorescent colors, smooth designs, and textured helmets headline football innovation in recent years. The Jags perfectly implemented each element of the modern uniform.

However, the Minnesota Vikings’ and the Miami Dolphins’ new uniforms were leaked via the internet. The Dolphins have a basic structure but a screaming blue home jersey. The Vikings’ new uniforms are similar to their old ones, but added a modern touch with a probable matte helmet and a more structured number font.

Official jersey “teases” were released earlier in the year, but nothing on this level was shown until Tuesday. During the Vikes’ and ‘Phins’ official uniform releases on Thursday, we will learn more about their respective jerseys.

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