Golden Analysis: Jets’ QB Situation

Photo taken by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images
Photo taken by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

By drafting QB Geno Smith, the New York Jets’ QB situation seismically shifted.

Having QB Mark Sanchez QB Tim Tebow on the same quarterback depth chart displayed an immense lack of talent. Tebow was waived after the Jets brought in QB Geno Smith out of West Virginia, however.

QB David Garrard is also a Jet, however he at least offers immediate value. Starting or not, he can be a mentor for a young quarterback.

If Sanchez starts, Jets fans will flip the table with rage. He is lackadaisical and can’t do much when at the helm for the Jets. He’s better at holding clipboards than he is starting at quarterback.

If Garrard starts, Jets fans will at least get a change. They received a glimpse of standard NFL quarterback play last year when backup QB Greg McElroy (who deserves consideration for the Jets’ top QB job) replaced Sanchez versus the Arizona Cardinals in 2012. The Jets do need change at the quarterback position.

If Smith starts, it will indicate that the season has gone from bad to worse. Since HC Rex Ryan is on the hot seat, Smith may have to start for Ryan’s sake. Smith’s criticism has escalated quickly—to put it in Ron Burgundy terms—since the draft because of a bad attitude and using his phone during team visits, among others.

Flashing back to earlier this year when the Jets brought in GM John Idzik Jr., they had an opportunity to get rid of Ryan—a task they should have completed. Ryan may be gone after this year, and the new coach may not like Smith and Sanchez is definitely outward bound sooner than later.

The Jets have a bad quarterback situation now, but a new head coach next year should clear the air (and Sanchez).

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