QB Russell Slimmer, Fitter

Photo courtesy Twitter @TEST_Football
Photo courtesy Twitter @TEST_Football

Who is this man? 

Free Agent QB JaMarcus Russell has worked his butt off to get a job in the NFL. After a sunken stint with the Oakland Raiders, Russell’s career and reputation went up in tatters. His weight blossomed consistently, and along with his lack of work ethic, caused him major issues.

Russell, however, has lost a whopping 51 pounds. He already worked out with the Chicago Bears, and while he likely won’t be with that team, he certainly deserves a shot at a roster spot.

Hard work generally translates into on-field success. Look at the likes of Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, etcetera. Russell dug himself in a ginormous hole, but recently has done his best to revive his once asphyxiated career.

As long as he stays on track, Russell should be suiting up on Sundays. Of course, Russell will be serving a second string or third string role. Anyhow, his change in work ethic is remarkable, and the photo above depicts his hard work.

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