Golden Analysis: Effect Of RG3 Benching

All havoc will break lose in Washington.

This time last year, the Washington Redskins were riding a four-game win streak and knocked off the Baltimore Ravens 31-28 in overtime.

One year later, the ‘Skins sit at 3-10 in the bottom of the NFC East. In his second year in the NFL, QB Robert Griffin III is coming off of a torn ACL and is struggling to get any momentum rolling.

HC Mike Shanahan, who has been under immense scrutiny as of late, decided to bench/deactivate RG3 for the rest of the season and give fellow second-year QB Kirk Cousins the starting nod through Week 17.

Essentially, Shanahan is firing himself. He is not giving RG3 the playing experience that he needs. Yes, RG3 is banged up, but if he can get through the last few games healthy, he will have more game tape to review in the offseason.

When given the opportunity, Cousins has been fantastic. If Cousins plays moderately well and wins a game or two, the offseason quarterback controversy will be opened up. This offseason will be agonizing for the ‘Skins.

This move puts Shanahan under more heat and sets up controversy heading into an offseason likely to be oozing with turmoil.

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