RB Andre Williams Scouting Report

Boston College RB Andre Williams (Senior)

Size: 6’0”, 227

Injuries: Shoulder (2013)


  • Very powerful
  • Devastating runner when shoulder is low
  • Strong
  • Good bursts
  • Can cut up field in spread formations
  • Decent vision
  • Good lead blocker at times
  • Can pass protect
  • Has knack for first downs


  • Occasionally takes false steps
  • Occasionally slows down before LOS
  • Inconsistent blocker
  • Not a receiving threat

Summary: Williams, a Heisman candidate, leads NCAA in rushing yards. He’s a power back and ran behind big lead blockers, but has proven to be productive in spread formations. Williams is strong, and has great bursts when he does not take false steps. He has footwork issues and needs to work on acceleration before the LOS, along with engaging with defenders when blocking. Williams is not a receiving threat.

Grade: 3.6/5.0 (High 3rd Round). Williams will need some coaching before taking three-down responsibilities. His size and sheer power will allow him to fit that role someday, but in all likelihood he will not be a feature back as a rookie. Once the Heisman candidate’s footwork is corrected and his blocking become more consistent, he will be a very good running back.

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