Decembers In Dallas: Cowboys Implode

Who’s to blame in Dallas?

The Dallas Cowboys were comfortably up 26-3 against the Green Bay Packers heading into the third quarter. Without QB Aaron Rodgers, the Packers had no chance of rallying up a comeback. Right?

Wrong. QB Tony Romo is notorious for choking in December, and the nauseating flashbacks resurfaced on Sunday.

Backup Packers QB Matt Flynn posted four second-half touchdowns, and RB Eddie Lacy punched in the game-winning score from one yard out. The Packers won, 37-36.

On the flip-side, Romo chucked two interceptions within the final three minutes. However, he shouldn’t be blamed for the loss. Yes, he did throw two ill-timed interceptions, but with such a large lead, there is absolutely no reason to pass the ball as the Cowboys did.

Romo’s second interception was allegedly audibled from a run to a pass, but until this is confirmed, Dallas’s self implosion resulted from inexcusable coaching decisions.

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