OLB Anthony Barr Scouting Report

UCLA OLB Anthony Barr (Senior)

Size: 6’4”, 248

Injuries: Knee (2011), Head (2013)


  • NFL size and athleticism
  • Good intangibles
  • Accelerates off of LOS
  • Quick feet; great pass rusher
  • Forces fumbles
  • High football IQ


  • Block shedding needs work
  • Run defense needs work
  • Needs to get stronger

Grade: 4.6/5.0 (Top 10). Barr’s sheer talent at pass rushing boosts his stock immensely. His block shedding, run defense, and strength can all be fixed in the matter of a year or two. He is underdeveloped yet his upside will push him into the Top 5. Dion Jordan is a completely different type of pass rusher, but fitted into the category of underdeveloped edge rusher and was selected in the Top 5 of the 2013 Draft. Look for Barr to have the same fate in 2014.

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