Pro Bowl: One More Chance

The “unconferenced” format has given the Pro Bowl one more shot at survival.

The lack of effort in the 2012 Pro Bowl was so prolific that even the fans wanted the All-Star game cancelled. The effort in the 2013 Pro Bowl increased slightly, but it still is tough to sit down and watch the full game.

Trying to boost the quality of the Pro Bowl, the NFL abolished the AFC vs. NFC format in favor of a draft-style format. Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders each took charge of a team and drafted their own rosters.

While the unconferenced version of the Pro Bowl adds minor headlines such as teammates squaring off against one another, or even when a player is playing against his coaching staff, all fans care about is the play on field.

The outcome is irrelevant. The focus is spotlighted on the effort, and if it doesn’t appeal to fans, the Pro Bowl will be a thing of the past.

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