Football Intelligence Key For Seattle

The Seahawks’ high football IQ helped them smother the Denver Broncos.

During an interview with “NFL AM,” Seattle Seahawks DE Michael Bennett stated that they Seahawks “picked up on a lot of stuff. When you get two weeks to study, we picked up a lot of tendencies.”

Bennett’s defense dominated in their 43-8 blowout over the Broncos. The Seattle defense has a very high football IQ, which certainly helped them flatten the league’s top offense.

CB Richard Sherman, a member of the “Legion of Boom,” said all the Seahawks “did was play situational football. We knew what route concepts they liked on different downs, so we jumped all the routes. Then we figured out the hand signals for a few of the route audibles in the first half,” per

Manning is centered around his legendary audibles, and when Seattle got the gist of his Line of Scrimmage calls, the Broncos were bottled up.

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