Cleveland Sinking

The Cleveland Browns have seemingly hit a new low.

The Cleveland Browns have hired Ray Farmer as their new General Manager.

The Browns announced that CEO Joe Banner and GM Michael Lombardi have left the team. This was both unexpected and shocking.

Banner’s stint with the Browns began in 2012, and Lombardi was hired only last year.

With Banner and Lombardi out, the front office underwent more change. And don’t forget that former HC Rob Chudzinski was fired after his first year in December. Recently hired HC Mike Pettine is already on the hot seat considering the lack of job security in Cleveland.

QB Brandon Weeden, who had a troubling start to his career in Cleveland, now reportedly wants to play elsewhere.

The Browns have hit a new low. Owner Jimmy Haslam is receiving the heavy blame for the mess he created. Haslam simply isn’t giving Head Coaches a chance, and he seemingly isn’t on the same page as the front office.

Haslam bought the franchise in 2012.

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