Miami Dolphins: Investigator Releases Report

This scandal has been in the headlines since the regular season.

A 144-page report concerning the “workplace at the Miami Dolphins” has been released by Ted Wells.

In October of 2013, Dolphins OT Jonathan Martin left the team after “persistent bullying, harassment, and ridicule.”

We knew OL Richie Incognito was involved in the scandal, but it was released that fellow O-Linemen John Jerry and Mike Pouncey were harassing Martin. An unnamed Offensive Lineman and assistant trainer were also harassed.

Martin did not report the harassment.

Martin and Incognito were friends, yet they used vulgar language to one another. Martin “participated in off-color joking with Incognito and others in an attempt to fit in, with the hope of reducing the treatment he found offensive.”

Green Bay Packers OL TJ Lang tweeted the following:

Lang and others have stated that this is not the norm. Regardless, the Dolphins have some work to do to fix this locker room issue. Whether there is a lack of leadership or respect, something has to change.

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